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"Making humor work for the business professional"
"Doc Hollywood, known to his friends as Neil Shulman, lives in the Atlanta area. He divides his time between writing excruciatingly funny books, and traveling the world with his one man comedy act."
For those looking for help in adding humor to their presentations: "A Comedy Coach can teach you the secrets, short cuts, and inner workings of the business. A Comedy Coach can help you reach your goal faster than you ever could alone. A Comedy Coach provides honesty, support, and encouragement."

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"The knowledge resource web site for professionals involved with managed care""Motivational Medicine Inc. is a corporation established to help you reach your ultimate health potential. Through various venues such as motivational tapes, books, seminars, and radio broadcasts, I hope to inspire each individual to maximize and optimize their health"
"This site is dedicated to improving clinician- patient communication skills by providing tools, links and information for educators and providers. This site is sponsored by Patient Communications Unlimited - founded by Allan Platt PA-C and Neil Shulman, MD."
"Entertainment for Healthcare Meetings, Conferences & Events
If you are you looking for keynote speakers, comedians, satirists, humorists, entertainers or music for your healthcare event you have come to the right website."
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